Sensory Deprivation Tank Pearls of the Deep 8 Day Challenge PART 1

Part 1 of a 2 part series:

Day 1

After doing my first float about two weeks ago, I decided to go back for another.  I  felt so many positive effects from my first experience, I was drawn to repeat it.  My writer’s block has seemed to be cleared up and I have been doing a bit of singing (mostly in my car and the shower), but I have been singing from my heart, which is something I haven’t done in a while.  It seems like a weight has been lifted off of my chest to some degree.

As I had been told by Shanti, the owner of Be & Be WELL, and have read in my research, each floating experience would be different.  This time I knew a little bit more about what to expect, so it was easier for me to become acclimated. We discussed the ‘Pearls of the Deep Blog’ and an 8 Day Challenge to document it, coming to float every day and record how I felt.  When I went into the chamber, I was excited about what I was about to experience since today was a rough day.  I had to deal with typical life stressors such as medical billing, car insurance and the dreaded DMV!   I was a bit frazzled by the time I arrived.   However, the floating experience allows you to get in touch with your body and deeply relax.

When I first lay there in the pitch black darkness, I noticed a lot of tension in my left shoulder, heart and throat.  I have felt major energy blocks there for several months now.  It started with the muscles clenching up around my heart. I think it’s a defense mechanism  my body is going through or my reaction to trying to quit smoking.  In either case, it causes me a lot of discomfort.  Floating in a gravity-free state allows your body to really “melt” and relax every muscle, ligament and  bone down to every cell in our bodies.  As a result when you leave you feel more in tune, refreshed and rejuvenated – like your cup is full.  It’s a terrific place to go when you need to recharge your batteries.

As soon as I got into the chamber and closed the door, I began to unwind.  All of the stresses going on in my head started to dissolve.  My thoughts quieted and I was super comfortable in the luke warm epsom salt water.  This time I knew not to get the water in my eyes or my mouth (I learned the hard way).  I expected my face to itch and kept thinking in my head, “This too shall pass.”

When the salt crystals dry they itch but it’s over pretty quickly  – it  can be a challenge to not scratch.   However, the other owner of Be and Be Well,  told me that it is drawing the impurities out and is a positive affirmation that the process is working. The music seemed to play longer than the first time, but the quiet time flew by.  I am the type of person who doesn’t just sleep anywhere and meditation is quite a challenge.  When I go to my acupuncturist, I have a difficult time lying there for longer than an hour unless I fall asleep.  Sitting still and being in a relaxed meditative state takes a bit of effort, but in the sensory deprivation tank it seemed to be much easier for my body to get into a “zone” which felt very healing.  I’m not sure if I was dreaming or just in a deep meditative state, but it was a very nice feeling.  I rarely take naps and because I have a difficult time sleeping and rarely do, I never really feel rested. However, after listening to my breathe and heartbeat in this environment, I was able to get into a deep transformative state.

In fact, I was surprised when the music came back on and my float was over.  It seemed as if I had only been in there 30 minutes.  This floating experience was incredible because I was finally able to fully let go.   I left all of my troubles at the door (which is a great life lesson in itself).   Sometimes we all need to just nurture our bodies and work on ourselves because life can be draining at times.

It ‘s crucial for us to take care of our bodies – we only get one.  Floating in the tank allows you to get in touch with your body; to charge our soul energies aka chi to be more centered and grounded.  When our light and chi is strong we are able to help others, accomplish more and sustain happiness.  The sensory deprivation tank is a beautiful, magical and relaxing way to raise the frequencies in our bodies in order for us to achieve what we need to.

I’m excited about my 8 day challenge and to record what happened in this blog.  I recently returned from Burning Man and each burn is almost like a New Year’s Celebration in that I set intentions to follow.  One of them I made this year was to take awesome care of my body and floating makes me feel magical afterwards.


Day 2

I slept really well last night and had the most vivid dreams I’ve had in awhile.  Shanti told me the floating increases the Theta in our brains, so it is common to experience more dreaming during the night. I had a really relaxing day today because I spent most of it today at the beach with my family dog.  Upon my arrival, I managed to walk by a cactus plant and immediately started to itch before my float.  I tried my best to ignore the itching, but it seemed to interfere with me getting into “the zone”.  This float seemed to take a very long time.  I don’t think I was able to actually fully relax and get into the meditative state as I did the day before.  This taught me that I am highly sensitive and need to work more on freeing myself from distractions.

I noticed a small outbreak on my back right near my heart.  I believe the tank has allowed my muscles to fully relax and let go of the negative energies that have not been serving me.  The tension in my jaw, throat, heart and shoulder have been greatly reduced.  My mind seems more clear and the ability to focus has not been as difficult.  My sleep patterns are still off a bit.  My mind races at night and it is tough for me to shut it down.  I’d make a great vampire, but would like to sleep like a normal human being.  I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s float.  I am hoping to get into the deeper meditative state and can tell my body craves it more than ever.

There are some signs that the sensory deprivation floating experiences are starting to go mainstream.  I watched a clip from the Simpson’s on floating.  Lisa and Homer were floating and they did a decent job explaining what the experience was like.  It was quite comical, but also neat the way they used the animations to demonstrate the feeling of a float.  I would like to continue to be an ambassador for floating and will send as many people  I know to the float tanks.  Anytime is a great time to start and there’s no time like the present.


Day 3

Today I woke up and felt as though I had worked out my upper body.  I’m not as sore or tight in the areas that I was before, but there still is quite a bit of tension in my upper left torso.  I am sure there is some kind of metaphysical reaction going on by floating in so much salt water.  As muscles relax, the tension starts to release and that is likely what I am experiencing.  This float was similar to the last one in that I didn’t get into “the zone.”  By cutting off the outside world and going into the floating tank, I realized how many distractions that I use on a daily basis.  I have a phone that is used for video game playing and talking;  my TV is usually on when I get home because I like the background noise.   Thoughts and  people can be very distracting as well as many other factors.

In the past I would drink when I got home to unwind from my day;  alcohol became a really bad close friend.  I relied heavily on it to disconnect with myself.  Drugs and alcohol also lower our frequencies, so lower quality of people were attracted to me and vice versa.  As I floated, I pondered all of my outside distractions and wondered if I could reduce or eliminate them from my energy field.  I do not think they are serving me anymore.  They never have and never will.

Meditation is more difficult for those who are out of tune with their bodies.  The only place I was able to successfully meditate in the past was in my bed or in the bath tub.  It was there that I could finally let go and focus on nothing but my breath.  One of my goals is to better myself each day and meditation is a key to doing just that.  However, when a person is into disconnecting, it is more of a challenge to really connect with oneself on a deeper level.

This float also stimulated thought about my family and the relationships I have with my parents.  Both of them are operating on a different frequency than I am and it is apparent to me.  I have yearned for the support of people who are operating on a higher frequency.  The news breeds fear-based information that causes us to panic or be afraid of what’s to come.  As a result, people who watch a lot of it usually become more skeptical and negative about the world.  Positive, happy news doesn’t sell, so the media bombards us with the bad news.  Let’s face it;  it is tough to find anything on the boob tube that doesn’t lower our frequencies.  However, each and every day, that is what sells and that is what  we are constantly being  given.  I’m finding it harder and harder to put up my negativity shield.

I also came to terms with how impatient I am with myself.  I am still working on how to treat myself like my own best friend.  The old me would put myself down and make myself feel badly about all sorts of things.  I am trying my hardest not to do that anymore.  A mentor I worked with  a few years ago mentioned  that it seemed as if I got pleasure from putting myself down.  This makes others feel the same and when they treat me poorly, it revalidates why I don’t really like myself.  There’s plenty to like too.  I am intelligent, articulate (well, sometimes), kind-hearted and a lover of nature.  I have great friends, but I am still learning how to be more kind to myself.  Substances that alter a person’s mind lower the positivity that one can experience.

It was becoming clear to me that I am a highly sensitive person.  I am also a healer and have very strong intuition.  When I am around other sick people, I actually start to feel their pain.  This is one of the main reasons I decided against becoming a massage therapist because I literally started to absorb the tension and pain people were experiencing after working with or on someone.  Even energies from a certain place will cause me to be strongly affected.  Funerals are really tough for me because everyone is so sad.  It usually takes me a day or two to recover from one of those, but I also noticed that the way I deal with death is different from other people.

Death has been one of my main triggers for abusing myself.  I get deeply saddened by all of the people who I know are affected.  I am not sad for the person who died, but I am sad for the family and loved ones that I know will suffer.  This is because I have been around numerous  deaths for someone my age.  This has caused me to become depressed, absolutely unproductively, dysfunctional and suicidal.  I know death is also a beautiful part of life because it is a time to reflect and become more in tune with our own goals and lives.  When someone passes, it makes me think about how I need to do more with my life because it may be over in an instant.  There is this intertwining relationship with death, addiction, depression and fulfillment.  Often I think about who would show up to my funeral, what they would say and how I would be remembered.  I may think about this too much, but it is something I ponder upon quite often.

On my next float I will meditate to see what answers come.    Some major life happening events only fate and the Universe can control.  My impatience on these life matters make me feel a bit anxious and desperate at times.  Desperosity is not an attractive trait and most people who are in-tune notice.  It is a type of energy that I would like to admonish out of my energy field, but it is tough because we have such a limited time on this planet.


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