Sensory Deprivation Tank Pearls of the Deep 8 Day Challenge PART 2

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Day 4

Tonight was unique as always.  I had the pleasure of talking to Jai about a game he and Shanti have created.  It is an interactive, communication and manifestation game. The hardback version is called ‘eXperience The GAME’ , ‘XtheGAME’ on line and the free app version is ‘eXorb the GAME’ .

Basically, there are 3 piles of cards to chose from: LifeCircles, Challenge Cards and Relate Cards.  Each has a symbol on the front.  ‘The GAME’ can be used to better or deepen a relationship.  The whole concept is brilliant and thought provoking and in constant development for 30 years with a variety of different settings and purposes. Basically it is a Mirror of Life and everything can be challenged by the interactive Players, reflecting the velocity we need to move with our accelerating ‘Human Potential Movement’.  As we are in the process of becoming Global Beings we need to gain a better understanding of our higher consciousness as individuals, couples, family-groups and communities.

All sorts of ideas popped into my head.   Who is the first person I will share it with?  How will it change their life?  How will it help me to explore my ideas that bounce around in my head?  How can I help support their goal of reaching a billion people?

The float was very relaxing for me tonight.  My chest pains have almost disappeared and my upper body wasn’t tense at all.  However, my quadriceps were very tight and tense.  I did the floga moves Shanti taught me and some light stretching.  My body is really enjoying the level of care it is receiving from me.  The release of tension is incredible.  The float really allows you to remain present.  My thoughts were already starting to wander and fears were creeping in, but I kept focusing on my breath and eventually those went away.  Meditating is still somewhat challenging for me, but it is a new practice that is being incorporated in my existence and it feels very healing and grounding.

‘XtheGAME’ supports the good for all people and has a sense of magic around it.  I foresee great things happening with this game and look forward to playing it more in the future.  Within my circle, I can think of a few dozen people who would like to play it.  It would be so interesting and exciting to introduce it to them and see what the game reveals.

I left tonight and had grits of salt all over my body.  I felt it would be best to conserve water at Be and Be WELL and as a contribution to the drought solution they installed for their ‘Lifestyle of Sustainable Living”, I decided to shower at home.  I love the feeling of the salt.  It is so cleansing.  My skin feels tight and refreshed.  Shanti said I look brighter and more shiny each time.  I feel so blessed and grateful to have this experience with Be and Be WELL!

I’m inspired to write about this experience because it has been such a catalyst in clearing up my writer’s block.  Seldom in my life have I found people who intrigue me the way they do.  Wayne Dyer quoted, “To build esteem, you must do esteemable things.”  I believe this is true on so many levels and works beautifully for me when I put it into practice.  I am really hoping to be the shiny light in people’s lives again and know anything is possible.

Day 5

Today’s float was enlightening.  I’ve had a lot on my mind about factors that are out of my control.  I shared with Shanti about my neighbor and my discomfort in listening to her scream at her dogs every morning.  The neighbor has  new dogs and they bark frequently in the morning.  It is followed by her screaming, yelling profanities and her distaste for the dogs. Shanti told me to meditate on this issue for a little during my float to see what comes up.  It became very clear to me that I must be very delicate in how I handle the situation with the neighbor because I intend on staying in this house for a while longer.  Neighbors are essential in case of emergencies or just to have as a support in case anything happens.

I probably pondered over it longer than I wanted to, but this is something I know I need to work on too.  Over-analyzing stuff is something that I seem to do often.  Sometimes in life, it is very difficult to put the thought into a box and onto a shelf for a while until time passes and until you can actually do something about it.  Waking up every morning would be so nice if it was spent listening to the birds instead of yelling, so perhaps if I handle this situation properly it will be just so.  During my float, I decided that this problem bothered me enough to try to do something about it.  I’ve decided to invite my yelling neighbor over for tea and let her meet my new dog.  I will offer to take her dogs for walks and see if that helps settle them down.  Life is nothing but a test and everything is meant to teach us a lesson.

Another lesson in this is I need to be more careful about how much energy I give to negative situations.  Today I adopted a new dog and this new step makes me much more happy than the situation with my neighbor.  However, I spent the majority of my energy focused on the negative.  I wish it weren’t so easy to slip into a negative, victim state of being.  There has to be more that I can do to help this with myself and others.

I also thought about how I need to connect the dots of all of the fruits of my knowledge.  I need to be more creative in carving out the perfect job for myself.  My company is growing, but I need more clients and I am not exactly sure how much to charge.  I spoke to a heavy hitter firm who does what I want to do.  I can provide excellent service, but I need to take the plunge on recruiting clients.  I know if I get a few, then referrals will start to come in!

Day 6

Today I  went to the flotation house early to ‘eXperience The GAME’ with Jai and Shanti who served us some homemade Chai Tea which I enjoyed during playing. It was really fun to learn how all the cards can be interpreted differently and how they provide guidance on what we wish to create.  I could tell he was interested in learning more about me and my journey.  It is really comforting to know that people exist who share such similar beliefs.  The GAME is designed to open up channels in order for the Players to get into the flow of meditation and manifestations.  By discussing what is going on, the Players get to know each other on deeper levels.  It is a perfect compliment and lead-in to the Sensory Deprivation Tank because I have been a bit lost on what direction to take with my mind while in the float.  I want to get the most out of it, but am not exactly sure how to go about it, so I’m just going with the flow.

I’ve noticed that I am becoming more comfortable with getting into the tank.  However, I was unable to get into the meditative zone that I was able to on my third float.  I know it has something to do with my impatience with the process and my inability to fully let go. As much as I want to get there, something seems to be fighting it at the same time.  Today’s float seemed longer than the last few.  The temptation to look at the clock was really strong, but I resisted.

I’ve also noticed that as soon as I get into the tank, I begin to feel different pains in my body.  When I am busy, I tend to ignore them, but when I relax from my day, they are very apparent.  There is a sharp pain around my heart still.  I am not sure if it is my lungs or the muscle around my heart, but it is a distinct chest pain that can be intensely painful.  I noticed this coming up for me about one month after I quit smoking the last time.  It seems to come and go.

During the float, I kept thinking about different ways to approach Shanti and Jai about my different ideas.  Since Shanti told me that she liked how direct I was on our first meeting, it became more clear to me that I need to remain authentic, open and honest with my feelings and thoughts.  Through meditation, I found it to be very important that I continue to show up as a valuable player.  It is such a nice energy to feel valued and appreciated.  The energy is much different than what I receive from most of the outside world.

External forces have taught me that I am not valued, am insecure and a waste of everyone’s time.  I’m fighting the label of being a victim and am trying to focus on the silver lining in all of my major life decisions.  Being adopted right at birth and losing my biological mother must have some serious detriments.  I’ve never felt like I was good enough.  Even when I had a master’s degree and my own business at the age of 26, I still felt as though I needed at least 10 more feathers in my cap to be of value.  This has poured over in my relationships as well.  When a person isn’t happy with themselves, I doubt they can be truly happy with someone else.  I am impatient with this process because I want everything yesterday.  Living with a deep depression can set back a person and cause them to misconceive reality.

Shanti and I spent some time to eXperience The GAME following the float.  I could’ve stayed there all day, but I had some other engagements to attend to, so we played about an hour.  She wanted me to follow up on the GAME cards I had pulled and connect them into a string of pearls that would tell my story and interpretations of my cards in free association. Every single card was relevant to my situation and it was easy to express what each one meant.  This game is a very powerful intuitive tool.  I really enjoy my time with Shanti and Jai.  Both of them are so wise, kind hearted and I seem to learn something new each time I’m in their presence.

Day 7

Before I went into the tank, Shanti showed me some of her ‘Floga’ exercises to loosen up my hips.  I broke my fibula in May, so there is quite a bit of dead energy still present in my body.  I feel like the blood flow isn’t getting to certain areas, so while I am in the tank, I stretch and breathe into those areas.  I was able to get into the”zone” tonight.  I thought about forgiveness and letting go of all things that don’t serve me.  When I’m in the float, it is easier to examine my life from different perspectives.  I am able to observe different elements and gain insightful viewpoints.  I feel like the floating tank maybe my new addiction to WELLness. I am very interested in figuring out how I can continue going on a regular basis.

Day 8

At the end of today’s float, I have now spent thirteen and a half hours floating.  My spirit feels shiny, brighter and more clear.  I was curious why the float was 8 sessions and Shanti told me that 8 is the sign of infinity and seemed like a good number.  I’m really happy that I was able to get to know Shanti and Jai during this blogging/floating process.  My intention is to continue helping them on every level that I can and to continue learning about how to reach my goals in my career, health and well-being.

The pains in my body and the little skin rash below my shoulder have disappeared except for the lung/heart/chest pain.  My hips feel much more loose. Before floating I tried the vibrating Fitness machine tonight at the Be and Be WELL sanctuary to loosen up my muscles and stimulate the lymphatic system –  it was really beneficial.  It seemed to open my hips and make them more relaxed.  The ‘Floga’ exercises also helped quite a bit.  I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for Shanti and Jai, but also to myself for completing it.

It feels so good and I wish that everyone in the world would be able to try a float at least once in their life.  I can’t imagine how beautiful of a world it would be if people were able to get in touch with their higher self by meditating in the Sensory Deprivation Tank.  I can see why the new trend is to take care of ourselves and be the best we can be!


Aja Niemann is a writer, educator, dancer, activist, floater, public speaking coach, Monarch butterfly enthusiast, philanthropist and just launched her online brand management company called Reputation Responder.  She is currently taking new clients, so please contact her at

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