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Seventies Fashion Making a Comeback, Can You Dig It?

Who wouldn’t want to grow up in the seventies? From the discos and the music to the fabulous fashion, the seventies had to be the grooviest decade. Sure the decade had some not so great times, that whole Vietnam War thing, but many designers grew up during that time period and are reminiscing about the era. In a time where we are constantly looking back at the past (#throwbackthursday, the Timehop app) can we blame designers for feeling a little nostalgic? And if you’re like me, a true flower child born in the wrong decade, it’s time to get ready for all that far out seventies fashion because the decade is making a comeback.

Previous fashion shows made it clear that the spring and summer of 2015 will be filled with all those funky styles the seventies had to offer. Designers are leading a retro revival, covering the runways in more bell bottoms, flares, jumpsuits, knitted tops, retro floral prints and fringe than the entire cast of television’s “That Seventies Show” donned in their eight season run. We have seen the seventies comeback before but this season designers are mixing the decades styles with fabrics and prints from other decades, creating a new look and giving this trend a longer shelf life.

Add a few seventies inspired pieces to your wardrobe and enjoy this fun trend. The decade inspired flare jeans are big this spring, elongates the leg and are flattering on every figure. Platform wedges are a great way to channel your inner Farrah Fawcett and can be dressed up or down. A fringe bag in a neutral color will go with everything and look dynomite (sorry I had to throw in one last seventies lingo term).

Which seventies trend are you excited to try?

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