Social Media Week LA is Back June 12-13, 2019

Social Media Week allows every attendee to gain inspirational insights that would allow them to grow their business or enhance their mindsets.

Understanding how technology has become a huge role in majority of the world’s life, social media influences and inspires people to be who they are today. Being held for only two days, Santa Monica will be home to LA’s premier media and marketing event. It contains hundreds of different activities and workshops to attend. From more than twenty different counties, professionals are coming together to this event in hopes of expanding their knowledge on social media and technology. There are many things out in the world that an individual does not know, let alone knowledge from outside of their country.

By interacting with over two hundred speakers, attendees can listen to stories that will touch and inspire them to be a better version of themselves and see how social media has affected their lives. Social Media Week includes three different type of passes. Each pass allows a different type of opportunity; but nonetheless, an unforgettable experience that one can learn from and use in their future.

To learn more about Social Media Week or purchase a pass, go to