Students Fill Los Angeles Streets With Desks To Protest

On Tuesday, April 9, Los Angeles protestors lined up the streets with desks to make sure that students have a say in the district’s upcoming school budget. The $6.8 billion budget will be impacting the L.A. school district for the next three years. Close to 375 desks were occupying the streets, which blocked traffic for several hours. The number of desks represented the amount of students that drop out of L.A. district schools each week. The desks were lined up in front of the Los Angeles Unified School District building in downtown.¬†They were set up by protesters, which included students, parents, district graduates, and activists. The protestors demanded a student voice on the LAUSD school board. The protestors also cited a section of the California State Education Code from 1976, which calls for at least one non-voting student member on the board. Additionally, they wanted more funding for English language learners, foster children, and low income students. Eventually, school board members voted on Tuesday, and approved that they would be adding a non-voting student member to the board. It’s amazing to see the protestors get what they want. Remember to always be the change that YOU want to see.