Be Brave America

In an election where fear mongering has become a catalyst to persuade uninformed American voters and where it has also sparked a careless bedlam in some places of my home state in the U.S. I, a Mexican-American myself, born from migrant parents

Mentors: Life’s Shortcut

During an 8 mile hike through one of the beautiful mountains located in Tucson, Arizona; I had the pleasure of meeting an older gentlemen in the commercial real estate business. We quickly bonded over sharing the same alma mater and interest in the

Does White Privilege Exist?

Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly had an epic debate over whether “White Privilege” exists in America or not. I think Jon Stewart took this round. What are your thoughts on the idea that White Privilege exists in America? Photo Source:

Lifting the Plague of Disconnection

As I sat down to attempt a viewing of Django for the third time, promptly pressing the stop button as the display pictured an innocent black man being ripped to shreds by dogs, my empathy got the best of me and I felt the wave of disgust fill my

The Real Thugs

Let’s test your level of programming. I am going to say one word and I want you to tell me exactly what pops in your head. Thug. My guess is that you imagined someone that is of a darker complexion, listens to rap music, has tattoos and smokes

The “Me” Generation?

I am a member of the “Me Generation”. That’s right I’m part of Generation Y, a full blooded Millennial. I’m sure you’ve seen me on TV, that pretentious, narcissistic, self obsessed, technophile, drowning my

The American Nightmare

I am not a professor. I am not a historian. I am not an anthropologist. I am not an economist. I am simply an American citizen. I am growing increasingly more aware of the system in which I have become desensitized to and I am seeing this ugly