Pixar Generation

Something struck me as I was watching the newest Pixar vehicle, Inside Out. The contrast between the dilemmas, or the “hero’s quest” of past and present animated films is becoming clearer. I found myself missing the trauma and torment of

Stars and the Final Frontier

I reacted unexpectedly to a line from “Star System,” a poem by Clive James. “Time is a cliff/You come to in the dark” he wrote, and I became instantly aware of how difficult it was to control my facial muscles as I fought a lighting strike

A Day Without Harrison Ford

Report from March 6, 2015: Harrison Ford died following a tragic crash in his vintage Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR yesterday. He was 72 years old. The plane’s engine unexpectedly lost power after taking off from Santa Monica Municipal Airport,

Comedic Legend Joan Rivers Dies at 81

According to CNN, Joan Rivers died at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York at 1:17 p.m. on Thursday. She spent the last week of her life at Mount Sinai following a cardiac arrest that occurred during an elective medical procedure at the Yorkville

Preparing For a Death

We plan our days, setting schedules and to-do lists, but when do we ever plan for death? You’re diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and you have 6 months to live. If a doctor told you that, what would you do? I would guess anybody’s