Winter Trend: The Car Wash Skirt

Who knew the car wash could inspire something fashionable enough to become a major must-have this fall and winter? Well the car wash skirt proves that trends can really come from anywhere. If you haven’t heard or seen one yet, where have you been?

Hack Attack: 6 Fall Fashion Hacks

The fall is the start of the holiday season which means many of us are even busier than normal, making time saving fashion tips as important to the season as pumpkins and turkey dinners. Fashion mishaps can happen at the worst times and sometimes be

Jean Queen: Fall Denim Trends

Who doesn’t love jeans? They’re comfortable, stylish and offer countless outfit possibilities. Denim is a fashion staple that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so read on to find out all the jeans you need to stock up on for the fall. Ankle