The Power of Appreciation

Encouraging words, praising gestures, smiling motivation, inspiring advice, constructive criticism, valuable suggestions and an endless list of appreciative acts. Acknowledgment and appreciation go a long way in radiating energy, enthusiasm,

When we take things for granted…

From relationships to resources, from homes to hearts, from family to friends, from nature to neighbor, from creation to commodity, from anything to everything; we often find ourselves taking things for granted. Be it authority or power, be it

Life Is A Design — Yours.

There are these curve-balls that get thrown in our direction from time to time– hardships, decision-making and unexpected events; these are the ones that can make you stop and rethink every step you’ve taken to lead you to the point you are

Death To “Men”

The Line:       There is a line, a subtle line, but a line nonetheless. It’s crossed daily by men who are oblivious to the fact that they traverse through these boundaries; boundaries that should otherwise be left undisturbed. I’m talking

Stars and the Final Frontier

I reacted unexpectedly to a line from “Star System,” a poem by Clive James. “Time is a cliff/You come to in the dark” he wrote, and I became instantly aware of how difficult it was to control my facial muscles as I fought a lighting strike

Burning Bridges

Have you ever lost a best friend and then had to pretend that you didn’t miss them? I have, and there isn’t much I can say besides it really freakin’ sucks. I haven’t met anyone in my life quite like this person. She was the perfect

“It Follows” Review

There’s nothing like young and in love. Before you can go on a date you have to pick the right clothes, the right songs, and the right person. Jay did not pick the right person and it’s going to haunt her for a long time. The supposedly

The Rapture and Brunch

It was quite a nice, calm early fall morning. A couple of friends and I had gathered for brunch. The house smelled like bananas covered with cinnamon with just a small hint of that egg aroma lingering in the air. I was ravenous as always and