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If you follow any gaming outlet odds are you’ve seen a lot hype building for the conclusion to “The Witcher” trilogy. Though not as well-known as other fantasy RPGs, the Witcher series has quietly garnered a lot of prestige over the years for its mature storytelling and expertly crafted world, think Westeros but with more trolls, based on the books of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The final chapter follows witcher, a monster hunter, Geralt of Rivera as he attempts to prevent a kingdom’s ruin from the invasion of the mysterious army known asRead More
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Posted On July 28, 2014By Wyeth LeslieIn Entertainment, Video Games

Bioware Teases New Game With Viral Clues

Bioware, the studio behind the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, has released a short teaser for an upcoming and unnamed game and it’s quite the ominous reveal. Featuring nightmares and a figure with billowing smoke for a head it looks like Bioware may soon be trying their hand at the horror genre (or it’s finally the Lost RPG that we’ve all wanted as evident from the smoke monster). A website has also gone up, featuring both the video and several interesting links. IGN reports that several other sites have gone up in conjunction with the teaseRead More
This year marks the 9th birthday of the Xbox 360, with the PS3 just one year behind, and players have seen their games mature and grow up in term of emotional storytelling. With PC, Xbox One, and PS4 now dominating the game landscape the end of the 360 and PS3 is not far behind so what better way to prepare for a tearful goodbye with a few heartbreaking moments?   (Spoilers Ahead)   Dark Souls – Like everything else in Dark Souls this moment is rather difficult to complete, let alone find. FirstRead More

Posted On April 9, 2014By Wyeth LeslieIn Entertainment, News, Video Games

Head Back to the “Borderlands”!

[youtube] Looks like there’s still no rest for the wicked as Gearbox has announced this week an all-new game in the popular Borderlands series. With trademark humor intact, “Borderlands:The Pre-Sequel” is slated to be dropping onto consoles later this fall. Set in between the events of the first two games the story will unfold across Pandora’s moon while chronicling the rise of the love-to-hate villain of “Borderlands 2″, Handsome Jack.  All new classes, weapon elements, and enemies will be introduced to players but as always it’s the promise ofRead More