Over the Rainbow

This is an open letter to those who say they love gays and lesbians, but just can’t get behind gay marriage. First of all, I ask you, “Why not?” While simplification and straw-man arguments are something to be avoided, I have heard the

I’m Here, I’m Queer

This topic has been on the tip of my tongue for some time and there are about a dozen people that I wanted to start a dialogue with. I can’t possibly be alone in this problem so I figured the best way to bring the subject to light is to display it

Lions and Tigers, I’m BI, Oh My!

STEREOTYPES – Man I cannot stand them. I mean, I’m already practically handicapped in the eyes of society: I’m a woman, check. I’m a minority, check, and to put the cherry on top of the already over baked cake, I’m bi. That’s right

The First Time This Guy Called Someone Gay

Spoken word artist, G. Yamazawa, performs a beautiful piece about the first time he called someone gay. The Oakland poet says that he remembers the first time had to have been when he was in “Elementary” school. He further discusses the

Adore Your Dreams

The world is filled with individuals that fantasize about their dreams and those that live them! Danny Noriega was an American Idol hopeful for both season six and seven, YouTube personality that appears as himself or in drag as Angel Baby or Adore