It’s Kind Of Important

Recently, a customer at the restaurant where I work part-time gave me a tip of over $40. She was visiting from Southern California, so there were no perks in it for her (in terms of expecting great service and dining experiences at said

Life Is A Design — Yours.

There are these curve-balls that get thrown in our direction from time to time– hardships, decision-making and unexpected events; these are the ones that can make you stop and rethink every step you’ve taken to lead you to the point you are

Are you satisfied by the right things?

Satisfaction is something we blindly pursue every day of our lives. We attempt to find it anywhere we can, but we neglect to see where true satisfaction lies. There is a bold line between true satisfaction and superficial gratification. Most feel

10 Things You Should Do Everyday

It’s really important to think about the future. Most of the plans you have throughout the day are part of a master plan to get you where you want to be in a week, a month, or even a few years from now. But sometimes we forget about living in