Body Shaming Part 1.

Body Shamers: I do not get you. I do not understand the way you think. I do not understand shaming the “flaws” of others as if you don’t have any. I also cannot comprehend why you get to decide what someone’s flaws are. (Queen of England

The Art of Instagram: Deltizzle

For what looks to be my last edition of “The Art of Instagram” of the year, it was my extreme pleasure to speak to the truly gifted artist who goes by Deltizzle. Known for his epic pen and ink portraits, Deltizzle shared a few words with

8 Worst Types of Social Media Abuse

Before I log on to one of my social media accounts, I take a minute to prepare myself for the impending stupidity. The abuse found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is appalling. This issue isn’t talked about enough, so I’ve come to enlighten

Are you satisfied by the right things?

Satisfaction is something we blindly pursue every day of our lives. We attempt to find it anywhere we can, but we neglect to see where true satisfaction lies. There is a bold line between true satisfaction and superficial gratification. Most feel

Why I Needed a Facebook Fast

Fasting is an essential element of many faiths. Willingly abstaining from food, drink, or some other necessity points believers toward a higher power; their hunger and humility is meant to increase their gratitude and reliance on something or