Entitled to Victimhood

“Everything is a temptation to be the victim.” That was the quote in the lost notebook of Lars Larson. Or so we’ll call him. (His actual name was Scandinavian, and very distinct.) The book itself was a marvelous array of record-keeping, a

We Are Morally Obligated To Help Others

The past several months of my life have been exhausted in change; not just change within myself as a person, but real life change, such as, becoming a mother by proxy (i.e. essentially adoption, not biologically) and quitting my job to pursue my

Is a Raisin Sweet?

Upon first look, what fouler sight is there than a ripe raisin? It is littered with wrinkles and reeks of dryness, with its pale brown complexion that’s far from appealing. It’s meager size offer no enticement and its texture is bound to

Dating Success vs Work Success

Earlier today I was chatting up my grandmother (this isn’t something I typically do but is something I typically feel guilty about. I am no better than you when it comes to calling my grandmother) having one of our catch-ups. She told me what

Far From Childproof

It’s June. The school year has finally come to a close, fieldtrips were arranged in a desperate attempt to give children an outlet for that “Summer fever,” and all that leftover pent up energy is being released upon parents for three months.

The Skinny on Body Shaming

I’ve been small my whole life, I mean I used to look like a human stick figure, I just have a fast metabolism so I grew up hearing all the usual questions thin people hear like “Does your mother feed you?” or “What size do you even wear?”,

I’m Here, I’m Queer

This topic has been on the tip of my tongue for some time and there are about a dozen people that I wanted to start a dialogue with. I can’t possibly be alone in this problem so I figured the best way to bring the subject to light is to display it