Best Places to Visit In LA for the Holidays

If you are wondering what places you should visit In LA for this Christmas, here are a few ideas we have came up with. This is our list for the best places to visit for the Holidays! Candy Cane Lane Candy Cane Lane has always been one of the main

The Hidden Gems of the Los Angeles’ Outdoors

Here in LA, we are so used to a loud and rambunctious way of life that we often forget about the quiet and unknown sanctuaries that LA has to offer. Many people may reside in LA but few have experienced its subtle side. The great city of LA contains

BE STREET Weeknd Los Angeles Recap

Yesterday we got to check out the Be Street Weeknd event at the Container Yard in LA. Be Street is a print magazine about fashion, music, art, and street culture based in France. Lately they’ve been making some moves in LA in the local

Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix

If you haven’t been to the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix, you’re missing out on a roaring good time! Toyota teams with the City of Long Beach to present an event attended by millions annually over three consecutive days. Long Beach began hosting

Kobe Bryant’s Muse Is Inspiring

“Kobe Bryant’s Muse” is the new must-see inspirational film on Kobe Bryant’s journey. The film just premiered Saturday night on Showtime, but can still be viewed at various times of programming. The Kobe documentary began

John Travolta, Post Dazeem

Some things just don’t mix, and it might be time to list John Travolta and the podium at the Oscars as one of them. If you thought he couldn’t dig himself any deeper into the pit of celebrity awkwardness, then you probably weren’t watching

The Art of Instagram: MiceOfMillions

Throughout the existence of my Art of Instagram series, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to many great artists around the world. Meeting Jamie Johnson was particularly exciting because, whether or not he labels himself as a graffiti artist,