Do It for the Love

Do you sometimes wonder what it would feel like to have your dream job?  That feeling must be surreal if you ask me. All the times you caught yourself day dreaming about having something exciting can become a reality. You can be a famous DJ

Be Brave America

In an election where fear mongering has become a catalyst to persuade uninformed American voters and where it has also sparked a careless bedlam in some places of my home state in the U.S. I, a Mexican-American myself, born from migrant parents

We Simply Know Nothing

I touch on depression frequently in my articles because the statistics of people living with depression are so high that it can be completely disheartening and discouraging to think about, and if there is even a fraction of my words that can inspire

Christmas Movies Worth Watching

I admit it: I hate Christmas. I hate the gifts, I hate 90% of the music, I hate the phony good will, I hate the obligatory social gatherings, I hate the decorating, I hate getting fat when I’m already fighting some sort of Seasonal Affective

Unplanned Parenthood: A Christmas Story

There is a sort of insanity that takes over during the holidays. No, I’m not talking about the commercialism or the driving or the loads of edible catalysts for gluttony. I’m talking about the emotions. People lose their minds. For some of us,

The Answer is Inside of You

Kyle Cease is a comedian and keynote speaker with the goal of transforming audiences. I’m very amazed and inspired right now after just watching one of his videos, so I feel that Cease knows what he’s doing. Watch the video for yourself,