We Simply Know Nothing

I touch on depression frequently in my articles because the statistics of people living with depression are so high that it can be completely disheartening and discouraging to think about, and if there is even a fraction of my words that can inspire

Apartment Hunting on a Budget

Mid-20s, early 20s, recent grads, late 20s, early 30s, and even older adults are all feeling the clench of the ever vanishing paycheck. Student loans are designed to kick in just when recent grads land their first “real job,” (figuring

5 Tips To Help Manage Your Money

As the new year begins, we give ourselves new goals and resolutions and I’m sure many of us want to improve our financial situations. Being good with money is difficult but with these five tips and a little hard work, you’ll have a

10 Things to Do This Fall

Fall is fast approaching. The sunny weather is giving way to gusts of wind and chilling temperatures. Most people are sad to see the beaches of summer and the long days and nights go, but I am one of the few who are ready to toss them out. I’ve

The Art of Reality Dating

It dawned on me recently that maybe I am too old for dating; not in my physical age, as most people would think being in your mid-to-late twenties is the prime time for seeing people and discovering the opposite sex, but after my specific set of

Happiness Over Riches

The pursuit of happiness is a phrase of joy that can mean so many things. It can either be learning how to be happy with just the minor and simple things in life or just doing something that makes you happy. Yet it is true that the power of money

Big Day of Giving

Community A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing  common attitudes, interests, and goals   May 6th 2014 Sacramento launched its Big Day of Giving with 394 nonprofits in our region being participates and receiving gracious