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Over the past four days, if you are anything like me, you have spurned everything else to watch college basketball.  Maybe this is the first time you’ve watched college basketball all year but you filled out a bracket in an office pool, only to watch it fall apart by Saturday afternoon.  In case you’ve done normal people things like go outside, interact with something that isn’t a remote or people on the Internet, then here is a list of the 10 best games of the 48 that were played overRead More
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Twenty-four teams remain and 24 hours from now, we’ll be down to the Sweet 16.  The slipper stays on for one Cinderella while midnight strikes for two more.  Without further ado, here’s a fun collection of information from all of today’s games. Florida outlasts Pittsburgh in a war of attrition.  Earlier today, I wrote my three takeaways from the Florida win but for those who want the Cliffnotes version, Scottie Wilbekin led the team with 21 to send them to the Sweet 16 in Memphis where they will likely seeRead More
NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-2nd Round-Duke vs Mercer
Thirty-two games, eight upsets, four of which came from teams seeded 12th or higher.  If this isn’t what you look for in March, I can’t imagine a better way to have spent 24 hours.  Without further ado: 1.  Mercer beats Duke and destroys whatever was left of people’s brackets.  I wrote about this game at length earlier on Friday, but it truly was a remarkable win.  For the roughly three percent of people who picked Mercer, I refuse to believe it was anything other than hatred of Duke that propelledRead More

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Bracket Breakdown: Wild West Ripe With Upsets

Arizona is a national title contender with Brandon Ashley.  Unfortunately for them, foot surgery will hold him out.  To compound that, it appears as if Oklahoma State has figured out how to play again.  That spells trouble down the road, but in the opening round, we’ll get plenty of upsets so let’s dive right in. Arizona over Weber State:  For some reason I’ve always liked Weber State, but there’s nothing to see here.  Aaron Gordon shoots free throws at a 43.5% clip, but that won’t matter in this 1/16 matchup.Read More
In the World Cup, there is the group of death.  This year, there is a region of death, where three of last year’s Final Four teams find themselves in the same quadrant plus the preseason #1 and #4 ranked teams.  What does that mean for us at home, total madness. With that being said, the opening round features less intrigue than the following games, yet there are still upsets littered throughout. Wichita State over Cal Poly/Texas Southern:  It doesn’t matter which of these two teams wins the play-in game, combinedRead More
Over the coming days, I’ll be breaking down the opening round of the NCAA Tournament, region by region for your viewing pleasure.  Having spent much of the past five months watching college basketball, I’ll do my best to leave my biases out and help you win Warren Buffett’s money, though your odds fall somewhere between 1-in-128 billion to 1-in-9.2 quintillion. The first region I’ll examine is the East, a region with the weakest one seed, the hottest four seed and a chance for upsets to occur throughout the course ofRead More