“Daredevil” Review – Netflix Nailed It

Back in February we posted what was then a look ahead at the Marvel/Netflix Daredevil series, noting that it looked to be a promising transition toward a grittier superhero world for Marvel. The series was uploaded to Netflix in April and promptly

“The End of the Tour” Review

Fame is a fickle accomplishment, often bringing more complications than simple obscurity. This is the case of David Foster Wallace, whose epic tome Infinite Jest catapulted him to the forefront of the literature scene in 1996. The film follows

Who Killed the Love of Learning?

Yesterday my psychology professor asked our class if we’d like to leave class forty-five minutes early, and of course everyone enthusiastically nodded yes or shot their hands in the air or started packing their stuff on the spot. I wanted to

The Art of Binge Watching Televison

The skill of binge watching television is an art that one can master, with little to no skill or talent at all. There are two types of binge watching, there’s the “catch-up” and there’s the “because I’m out of the loop.” The

Shows to Binge Watch: “Community”

“Six seasons and a movie.” The rallying cry of a great television show that came so close to its goal. After five seasons of bated breath, much-loved “Community” has been cancelled by NBC to much outcry from the internet. The

A TV Show for Every Mood

Catharsis: Purifying and purging emotions through art. Television exists as a form of catharsis. Tuning out and tuning in is a surefire way to forget about all of life’s many problems, no hangover required. Depending on your mood, you may