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Posted On May 22, 2014By JK GabrilloIn Fashion, Lifestyle, Streetwear

Logo Mania

How did Nike come up with their Swoosh? SUPREME red box logo? What’s the relation with a Pigeon and Staple? All these brands have their story on how their logo came about and how they influence many of us today. Highsnobiety recently did their research about how these popular brands/companies came up with their logo. As you read the featured article, you might interesting enough that some companies paid someone a small amount of money to produce their logos while others, used inspirations from their life stories or might have beenRead More
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Posted On March 30, 2014By Kevin LaparanIn Life, Lifestyle

The REAL Most Interesting Man In The World

I’m sure everyone has seen those Dos Equis commercials talking about the most interesting man in the world . Well, they definitely got it wrong. Enter Dan “Blitz” Bilzerian. At the age of 34, this guy has experienced more things than anyone could ever dream of. Want proof? Below is an interview done by All In Poker Magazine. [youtube]   Observations from the Video: 1. Dan Bilzerian won over 50 million dollars playing poker. 2. He has his own security guard at his Hollywood Hills Mansion. 3.  He owns aRead More