Entitled to Victimhood

“Everything is a temptation to be the victim.” That was the quote in the lost notebook of Lars Larson. Or so we’ll call him. (His actual name was Scandinavian, and very distinct.) The book itself was a marvelous array of record-keeping, a

We Are Morally Obligated To Help Others

The past several months of my life have been exhausted in change; not just change within myself as a person, but real life change, such as, becoming a mother by proxy (i.e. essentially adoption, not biologically) and quitting my job to pursue my

Poverty: A Little Up Close & Very Personal

Every morning I step outside of my rehabilitation facility, sip some coffee, smoke a cigarette, and analyze the world. I look to my left, I see high-rise condos, a couple businesses suitable for Silicon Valley. I look right and I see a discount

The Real Thugs

Let’s test your level of programming. I am going to say one word and I want you to tell me exactly what pops in your head. Thug. My guess is that you imagined someone that is of a darker complexion, listens to rap music, has tattoos and smokes

The American Nightmare

I am not a professor. I am not a historian. I am not an anthropologist. I am not an economist. I am simply an American citizen. I am growing increasingly more aware of the system in which I have become desensitized to and I am seeing this ugly