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Posted On September 4, 2014By Marquis WilsonIn Change, ideas, Life, Lifestyle, World

Is “Ignorant” Enough?

Maybe it’s merely the context in which they are always used, but oftentimes (in this current day and age) many people like to use labels to pinpoint and encapsulate the essence of another individual or their actions. Pop culture and textbook history alike have given many the license to learn and utilize different verbal agents for their personal understanding of a human entity. Sometimes they use what they’ve learned to project the hurt that they themselves harbor, and to utilize their coping mechanism tailored for their personal insecurity to belittleRead More

Posted On April 9, 2014By Evan DangerfieldIn Friends, Life, Lifestyle, Relationships

Not Black Enough?

Is it possible to not be black enough? If so, who is creating this scale on which blackness is measured, I would like to speak to this mysterious presence. I am a black woman who more often than not is labeled “not black enough”. I was born and raised in West Philadelphia, this is considered one of the more urban destitute areas of the city of Philadelphia. However, I did not attend  a school in this region, I attended a catholic school in the predominantly white township nearby. To meRead More