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I don’t make $100,000 a year and I doubt anyone else reading this does. I’ve waded into the waters inhabited by those vicious fish that do however and in my experiences they’re typically a delusional, chum hungry school whose collective philosophy is founded in the belief that “success is only measurable by monetary gain”. If you reap profit, you’re a fellow god and if you don’t? You’re a peon and solely responsible for your rotten break on the festering underside of the heap. “He should have gone to college! SheRead More

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The Real Thugs

Let’s test your level of programming. I am going to say one word and I want you to tell me exactly what pops in your head. Thug. My guess is that you imagined someone that is of a darker complexion, listens to rap music, has tattoos and smokes weed all day. If you painted this picture in your mind you have been effectively programmed by the mainstream media to associate those images with something negative and to be fearful of. But do you want to know who the real thugsRead More
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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

This man in London conducted a social experiment to see if we really do care. The first time he starts by saying “Fuck the Poor.” The next time he wears a sign saying “Help the Poor.” See the results for yourself by watching the video. Although the video was edited and doesn’t have full credible arguments for this campaign, the message is still quite strong. Instead of just getting offended about issues because we do care, which many people do via social media statuses… why don’t we do something aboutRead More
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Posted On March 30, 2014By Kevin LaparanIn Life, Lifestyle

The REAL Most Interesting Man In The World

I’m sure everyone has seen those Dos Equis commercials talking about the most interesting man in the world . Well, they definitely got it wrong. Enter Dan “Blitz” Bilzerian. At the age of 34, this guy has experienced more things than anyone could ever dream of. Want proof? Below is an interview done by All In Poker Magazine. [youtube]   Observations from the Video: 1. Dan Bilzerian won over 50 million dollars playing poker. 2. He has his own security guard at his Hollywood Hills Mansion. 3.  He owns aRead More