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The warm weather is upon us and the skimpy clothes are coming out of the closet.  If you always wanted to look great in skimpy clothes but didn’t want to spend an hour a day at the gym, then use the below time-saving workout tips to tone up and look great. Ditch the treadmill warm up and do a bodyweight circuit instead – Instead of spending 10 minutes warming up on a treadmill before a workout, perform a 5 minute bodyweight exercise circuit instead. The bodyweight circuit is more funRead More

Posted On May 27, 2014By Angela GoldbergIn Fashion, Fashion, Lifestyle, Women

Summer 2014: The 90s Are Back

If there is anything I have noticed in the emerging fashions of this coming summer, it’s that the 90s are back with an absolute vengeance. The stores are teeming with flannel, cut offs and adorable flowy florals. I keep finding gems hiding on store racks that resemble adult sized versions of my favorite outfits from my childhood. The one trend that was all over my favorite TV shows and on all the female characters in the movies? Crop tops. Something about them terrified me as an adolescent. They were daringRead More

Posted On April 17, 2014By J. FergusIn Fashion, Fashion, Sex, Women

Why You Should Buy Your Own Lingerie

Your everyday lingerie does not have to be that complicated, but a little lace, silk and satin can do wonders for your mood and the right bra can completely change the way your tops and dresses hang on you. You should not view lingerie as a way to present yourself to a lover, but rather as an expression of your inner sensuality. Every piece of lingerie I own, with the exception of a lime green teddy and matching thong, was purchased for myself and myself only. I briefly had aRead More
Let’s face it! We’re young, dumb, and full of…. life! And some of us need more direction than others. No worries. Seek and you shall find exactly what you’re looking for. Below are 6 tips that could potentially help you get more stimulation between the sheets AND with your day to day interactions with other human beings. Have a good attitude: Be POSITIVE a. In the bedroom: When you’re in the bedroom, congratulations! You’ve made it to the bedroom and now all you have to do is deliver a goodRead More