Unplanned Parenthood: A Christmas Story

There is a sort of insanity that takes over during the holidays. No, I’m not talking about the commercialism or the driving or the loads of edible catalysts for gluttony. I’m talking about the emotions. People lose their minds. For some of us,

Entitled to Victimhood

“Everything is a temptation to be the victim.” That was the quote in the lost notebook of Lars Larson. Or so we’ll call him. (His actual name was Scandinavian, and very distinct.) The book itself was a marvelous array of record-keeping, a

What Has This World Come To?

In society today, it seems as though social media has taken a turn for the worst. Instead of using it to promote positivity or education, some people rather use it to promote violence and dangerous challenges on Youtube that can end up turning

Trevor Noah: Comical or Offensive?

In this country, we tend to find humor in everything from actions of racial and special interest groups to the infliction of pain through such things as a slap cameras or pranks that embarrass others, but very few have the knowledge to provide

Why Ferguson Matters

Because it’s complicated. Because it has opened publicly the Pandora’s box that many minority people feel living in this great country. Because it demonstrates that although the U.S. is a wonderful place to succeed and if given the

8 Worst Types of Social Media Abuse

Before I log on to one of my social media accounts, I take a minute to prepare myself for the impending stupidity. The abuse found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is appalling. This issue isn’t talked about enough, so I’ve come to enlighten

Shows to Binge Watch: “Lost”

Ten years ago television viewers found themselves in the middle of a plane wreck. Pieces of wreckage were on fire, people were screaming, and a man even got sucked into a still-spinning turbine; into the chaos ran a young doctor by the name of Jack

Collective Voices Rising

The news lately, well it hasn’t been overwhelmingly uplifting. Between the ongoing violence in the Middle East and recent murder of an American journalist by IS, to the death of Robin Williams, to the protests in Ferguson, it’s hard to

“Second Star to the Right”

Depression carries a high risk of suicide. Approximately 90% of people who have committed suicide suffered from some form of depression whether they were clinically diagnosed or not. It is unfortunate to see that depression and suicide have such a