Advice For Your Future In Health

A new wave of curing mental health is on the way and you can have access at the point of your fingertips. Since technology is advancing as we speak, many people are reaching out to experts online in regards to their physical or mental health.

Rage of the Cyber Wars

Are you on your smartphone? Someone could be listening. Are you browsing Google? Someone knows what you’re searching for. Are you reading this in your underwear with a webcam on? Someone might be watching. (Probably not for long though. Let’s

Why The World Is Coming To An End

The world is coming to an end according to Richard Williams. Williams, better known as Prince EA is a rapper and human rights activist from St. Louis, Missouri. Richard’s caption for the video reads, “sorry if this offends you.”

Is Social Media Making Us Lonely?

This video has been making its way around social media and, as of now, has almost 2 million views. We all use social media. Some of us are addicted to it. We shuffle between mindless scrolling, information overload, creativity, sharing our thoughts,

Why I Needed a Facebook Fast

Fasting is an essential element of many faiths. Willingly abstaining from food, drink, or some other necessity points believers toward a higher power; their hunger and humility is meant to increase their gratitude and reliance on something or