What the Pfizer?

What are the Major Affronts to Modern Psychology? Read on. Psychology is a popular topic—and college major—for a lot of people who really haven’t got a clue what to make of humanity. People may sometimes be bothersome, but they’re

Brian Williams and the Pathological Buyers

Brian Williams is facing a six-month, no pay suspension after lying about various incidents, including an event occurring in Iraq in 2003. Coverage on his home network was scarce to nonexistent prior to February 11th of this year. Matt Lauer

The Art of Binge Watching Televison

The skill of binge watching television is an art that one can master, with little to no skill or talent at all. There are two types of binge watching, there’s the “catch-up” and there’s the “because I’m out of the loop.” The

A TV Show for Every Mood

Catharsis: Purifying and purging emotions through art. Television exists as a form of catharsis. Tuning out and tuning in is a surefire way to forget about all of life’s many problems, no hangover required. Depending on your mood, you may