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Warning: this reviews discusses spoilers for Season 1, which is a must-play if you haven’t done so already. There is no real hope in the world of “The Walking Dead” and any glimmer of it is just false light; any fan of the comics or show knows this but this has not dissuaded any of the legions of fans. It wasn’t until players waded through game company Telltale’s first season of the “The Walking Dead” that fans were given the chance to interact with the world properly but no oneRead More
During the discussion panel at Comic-Con on Friday, fans were treated to an intense 4 minute sneak peek to the newest season of The Walking Dead. If this clip is any indication of what the new season will bring, it is probably a safe bet to assume it’s going to be just as dramatically intense, just as emotional, just as horrific and macabre that fans have grown to terrifyingly love over the last four years. Season five begins Sunday, October 12, 2014. Check out the trailer now!      Read More
This year marks the 9th birthday of the Xbox 360, with the PS3 just one year behind, and players have seen their games mature and grow up in term of emotional storytelling. With PC, Xbox One, and PS4 now dominating the game landscape the end of the 360 and PS3 is not far behind so what better way to prepare for a tearful goodbye with a few heartbreaking moments?   (Spoilers Ahead)   Dark Souls – Like everything else in Dark Souls this moment is rather difficult to complete, let alone find. FirstRead More

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A TV Show for Every Mood

Catharsis: Purifying and purging emotions through art. Television exists as a form of catharsis. Tuning out and tuning in is a surefire way to forget about all of life’s many problems, no hangover required. Depending on your mood, you may want to turn to a crime drama, a sketch comedy, or a soap opera to help relieve you from your stress and worry. Listed below are some suggested shows to watch, past and present, depending on what you need. If you just need to laugh: 1. Arrested Development (Fox/Netflix) 2. TheRead More