A Shore Guide: 5 No Fail Beach Hacks

The beach becomes the unofficial hangout during the summer; relaxing on the warm sand or in the cool water, a day at the beach is as relaxing as well a day at the beach. But no matter how fun it can be it can also be a bit of a hassle, from packing

Surviving Spring Break

The optimum period for sharing endearing moments with friends and viewing the world through your own eyes is Spring Break, the short vacation enjoyed by students between March and April each year. It is the one vacation of the year, for which most

London : Tourist Map

1. Draycott Hotel – Before your big day exploring London, enjoy a restful night’s sleep in a luxury London hotel. The Draycott Hotel is one of the finest hotels in Chelsea and is ideally situated just off Sloane Square. This “home away from

Nike Designs Plane Catered for Athletes

A few days ago, Nike unveiled plans of a high-tech plane that will cater to sports teams and athletes. This plane will have a variety of high-tech features including a massage area, recovery station, beds to sleep in, training areas, and a variety

Preparing Your Home for Travel

The flight is booked, bags are packed, and adventure is nearly underway. Before you leave your home for the weekend, a month, or a year, there are a few items to check off your list. Coming home to a perfectly manicured home brings nothing but joy

Going Unplanned

As I let my backpack fall to the floor by a corner table, I scanned the room for my usual target. And there he was, across the room from me. White haired, a hat poised jauntily on his head. Here was my ticket to this place – the shriveled and