Big Kid Clothing – Australia’s Very Own

Streetwear Culture has seen brands come and go. Some brand’s identities have led them to flourish in an environment where the freshest trends dissolve quicker than the mints in your mouth – one of these brands being Big Kid Clothing. 

20 Things You Should Do in Your 20’s

All right, so I may still be in my early 20’s but I thought I’d draft a list from experience and also from advice I have gotten over some time. These 20 things are simply suggestions and some really aren’t possible unless the circumstance is

Who Killed the Love of Learning?

Yesterday my psychology professor asked our class if we’d like to leave class forty-five minutes early, and of course everyone enthusiastically nodded yes or shot their hands in the air or started packing their stuff on the spot. I wanted to

Mentors: Life’s Shortcut

During an 8 mile hike through one of the beautiful mountains located in Tucson, Arizona; I had the pleasure of meeting an older gentlemen in the commercial real estate business. We quickly bonded over sharing the same alma mater and interest in the

The “Me” Generation?

I am a member of the “Me Generation”. That’s right I’m part of Generation Y, a full blooded Millennial. I’m sure you’ve seen me on TV, that pretentious, narcissistic, self obsessed, technophile, drowning my