The Pinnacle of Individuality in Streetwear

“Let nothing stand in your way.”

Civil 4

Nobody said it better than the contemporary street-wear brand, Civil Regime.

Civil has popped up world-wide, mobilizing fashion patrons everywhere to rally under their cause. Their progress is unmatched in the realm of fashion, as their representation of it is completely unique. Promoting the use of sportswear, evolving it into an uncommon style of garments, and presenting it with some of the cleanest visuals ever conceived, it’s no wonder they have blown up!

It’s not every day that we come across a brand with such precise details and distressed cuts working together in perfect harmony. However, it doesn’t stop at their clothes.
They’ve gained so many supporters over the years because of their undying will to Celebrate the Difference.

Civil 2 Civil 3

Motivating individuals of all ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs to identify what makes them unique and to channel those differences to contribute to society really stands out. We realize that every one of us has different dreams, but that’s what makes us so similar. We can push each other to make a name for ourselves and it all starts with how we present ourselves, especially through the clothes we wear.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with their team (which I might say were some of the most welcoming people that I have ever met) at the recent Venue Trade Show. Hearing about their humble beginnings and close ties with each other as family and friends was very warming and really opened my eyes to seeing that their motivating factors were completely intrinsic. Civil’s priority is to help those gain a voice for themselves through the outlet of fashion, but this power comes from the will of the people.

Feel free to check out their website here.

They will be releasing their collection very soon, and trust me.. Nobody wants to be the last person to hear about what they’ve got planned for this upcoming year.. It’s intense.

Jarell Cachila

Moorpark Student, Business pursuant, Outdoors activist, and Patron of Arts. I like taking pictures, watching sports, and wearing nice clothes.