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The Power of the Couch

First Question: Who doesn’t want to be in shape? In a world dominated by Kim Kardashian look-a-likes and make shift models who doesn’t want to beat the curve and sport one of the best bodies on the block? If it were only that simple. For many of us, getting in shape is easier said than done. Many of us lead very busy lives and the small time we do have to ourselves is spent vegging out on the couch. The couch is a very powerful thing but our will can surpass that power. Getting in shape doesn’t always require hitting the gym five times a week. For those of us who want to stay in shape but just can’t seem to find the time this post is for you!


“Couch Core”

Slipping into a food coma isn’t the only thing the couch is good for, you can also work up a good sweat! On the commercials you can do some simple exercises that may seem trivial but will make a great difference and help you get into shape! Take some time to perform each of these exercises for 30 second intervals each.

Jumping Jacks

This may seem like a child like exercises you took advantage of in gym class but jumping jacks are a great aerobic exercise that increase your heart rate and warm up several muscles in your body.

Running In Place

Running in place is great because you can do it practically anywhere and you don’t have to worry about a bunch of equipment. It is a great cardio exercise and you will definitely work up a sweat.


Squats can also be done almost any place and weight is not necessary. Squats work most of the muscles in your lower body and also make for a very perky backside!



Push Ups

Another classic exercise, that will tone the arms and force you to attempt to carry your body weight.

Leg Lunges

Lunges will tone your glutes and your legs will follow suit!



These exercises are simple and if followed and performed as a circuit they can really benefit your body. Doing these exercises for 30 seconds each during each commercial is a simple and convenient way to stay in shape.

Look out for more workouts and tips coming soon ladies and gents!



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