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The Real Thugs

Let’s test your level of programming. I am going to say one word and I want you to tell me exactly what pops in your head. Thug. My guess is that you imagined someone that is of a darker complexion, listens to rap music, has tattoos and smokes weed all day. If you painted this picture in your mind you have been effectively programmed by the mainstream media to associate those images with something negative and to be fearful of. But do you want to know who the real thugs are? Well allow me to introduce you. Imagine a 50 year old Caucasian male in a $3,000 suit driving a BMW. He runs a very prestigious bank. He appears to be a successful, smart, all-around great guy…right? Wrong. This is the guy you really need to be afraid of. This guy has stolen more money from you than any thug you have seen at any liquor store. This guy has screwed more people over than you can even imagine. This guy then uses his stolen treasure to buy political influence to keep his scams going and to get the government to buy into it. This guy was the reason why hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes, pensions, and livelihoods. The stark difference between these two people is quite clear. The real thugs get away with it.

This is how the game works. You acquire as much money as possible through the crooked economic system that is in place to support the wealthy and then if you get caught you simply take some of your stolen treasure and share it with the law enforcement agency to ensure you won’t face any jail time. And it works very well. Now the real problem here is how come the “thugs” don’t get that same treatment? How come the “thugs” get caught with weed and are thrown in jail without a second thought? How come the “thugs” are forced to succumb to treatment that is comparable to zoo animals while the real thugs travel the world living the life of luxury with absolutely no consequence to any wrongdoing? I don’t defend the criminals that actually inflict harm on people but there is a large population in our prison system of people that commit victimless crimes.

Bank after bank is getting hit with record settlements for defrauding the public in order to increase their profits and we have yet to get a real conviction. Let that sink in. They are penalized financially for committing crimes but serve zero jail time. They nearly collapse the economy, break the law repeatedly, are unapologetic about it and are rewarded! These guys nearly bankrupted entire countries and walked away with multimillion dollar bonuses. Now that’s what I call a thug.


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