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Top 10 Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Have


Even today, in the era of rapid technological advancement and globalization, traveling is not an easy task. There are many things to look out for, many issues to address, but most importantly, when traveling into the unknown city or region you are often in the dark. Luckily, in the 21st century, there are numerous ways for you to solve some or all of these problems. The most practical and by far the easiest way is via use of the right set of travel apps.



Road trip is indeed a great way to explore your desired location, however what will happen when you arrive at the unfamiliar city. Navigating these new, obscure, streets may seem a bit scary but worry not since there is a solution to this problem. For starters, you can install Waze application on your mobile device and in this way, always know the rules and patterns of local traffic.


From the financial standpoint, your greatest concern is not navigating the streets but coordinating your budget with local gas prices. With this in mind, GasBuddy application can be of an invaluable assistance. By informing you of the optimal gas prices in your vicinity, it will practically make sure that you are always on the gain.


If, however, you are not confident enough with driving around an unfamiliar location you can simply get Uber app, and find a different solution. Via this amazing digital tool, in just a matter of seconds, you can have a friendly local driver at your doorstep ready to take you wherever you want to go.

Offmaps 2

Even though with Google Maps, you can basically, go anywhere you want and instantly find a map of the place, what happens when there is no internet. Well, it is always good to have a backup plan and Offmaps 2 app is no short of this. Offmaps 2 contain maps of all the major settlements in the world, which makes it quite handy to have even in your own home-town.
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Apart from finding your way around, there is another issue that is of some significance on your voyages. This is the question of finances. In order to more accurately and more efficiently balance your budget, you would be wise to install travel expense software such as Trippeo. This app, allows you to constantly monitor your spending and in this way do a huge favor for your wallet.


Now, speaking of expenses, two probably most expensive things you will have to invest in on a voyage are your flight and accommodation. Both of these problems can be solved with a cunning use of handy Kayak app. By finding you the most affordable flight and the most appropriate accommodation, Kayak will make a huge difference. Not only will this make trip more enjoyable, but also make you able to repeat it again soon.


If however you decide to stay a bit more at the desired location, finding a last minute room will be an incredibly difficult. That is, unless you are using the incredible HotelTonight app. This great application is all that you need in order to add some additional spontaneity to your otherwise great trip.


Still, even though spontaneity is great, sometimes you simply won’t have time for it. Imagine yourself on a business trip with a tightly organized schedule. Now in order to visit everything you intend to you will need a sound plan and this is where Tripit app steps up. By planning your itinerary in checkpoints this application can significantly improve your organization while on the trip.


Even though the prices of accommodation are mostly fixed, sometimes a client will cancel and a hotel will try to find anyone to fill the spot. Discounts that can be achieved in this way are almost ridiculously low so you can greatly benefit from them. All in all, you can learn about these deals via Roomer application for your mobile device.


Finally, there is one more thing that we associate these tours with and that is the notion of memory making. However, in order to make these memories we first need adequate mementos, and what can better fill this role than proper picture processing software such as Trover.

Finally, all of these applications are designed with a single purpose of raising the quality of your travels to a next level. With this in mind, it would be simply reckless to miss out on all the help that these amazing apps offer.


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