VIBE XX Dance Competition Recap

In Southern California, the dance community awaits for one of the most anticipated dance competitions that always kicks off the competition season of the year. I’m talking about VIBE Dance Competition! This past Sunday, VIBE celebrated their 20th anniversary in Costa Mesa at the Segerstrom Hall. This dance competition SOLD OUT within a few days prior before competition day. This dance competition even decided to sell pre-pre-sale tickets during Cyber Monday last year for $20 which sold out in less than an hour. You may ask yourself, what makes VIBE so hype or why is it the most anticipated dance competition for the beginning of the year?

VIBE is more than a dance competition. For the past couple of years, VIBE has been donating money to a variety of charities and companies that are underprivileged or help better a community. This money is collected by the sponsors of VIBE, part of the dancer’s registration fee, as well as a portion of the tickets purchased from each guest.

Most, if not all you, may recall this video.

The Company composed this set for VIBE 19 and placed 2nd. This video became viral and got a major hit of  8 million and growing views on Youtube. I believe that because of this set, VIBE 20 got many viewers excited to see what The Company as well as many other teams will bring to the stage this year.

This year, VIBE 20 were able to feature teams that came from out of the country such as Japan and Canada, Northern California, and of course the various SoCal teams. This year, VIBE emphasized the history of VIBE through their 20 years of existence. Some of the teams featured this year had the chance to perform for the first time, numerous times, or even started performing at VIBE since the beginning.

This year’s first place winner comes from San Diego, California. Cookies focused their set on awareness of the amount of numbers of orphans and almost everyone danced in socks, which I found pretty interesting.

VIBE continues later in the year with VIBE Jrs.


Video Source – Youtube (Gerald Nonato & Jonathan Shih)