Watch the Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight!

What’s a total lunar eclipse? Basically, it’s when the sun, earth, and moon are in full alignment. The cool thing about it is, when in a total lunar eclipse, the moon turns an amazing red color. This rare phenomenon doesn’t happen too often but luckily for us there will be one tonight. The lunar eclipse goes on for a few hours but I’ve listed the best times to watch below.

Eastern Time Zone- 3:00am-4:21am

Central Time Zone- 2:00am-3:21am

Mountain Time Zone- 1:00am-2:21am

Pacific Time Zone- 12:00am-1:21am

Alaskan Time Zone- 11:00pm-12:21am

Hawaiian-Aleutian Time Zone- 9:00pm-10:21pm

So gather your buddies, a significant other, or a couple of cold ones and check out the total lunar eclipse tonight!




Kevin Laparan

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