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What “Getting Back to Nature” Really Means

The most underrated source of clarity and peace is organic, and also the most elusive. It’s a natural consumption the majority of us take for granted every day. We hoard ourselves inside our homes, surrounded by stagnant air and never changing decorative pieces; apathetically staring at pre-recorded trash TV and shoveling food packed with toxins into our mouths. The complaints and reports of suicidal depression, chronic illness and pure loneliness are rising every year—and while this should be more than enough to push us all towards serious self-analysis and harsh life changes, it is now 2014 and everything remains geared towards the same path of self-destruction.

My own personal experiences with life-long depression and suicide, while complex in their own right, exacerbated the longer I kept myself away from the only energy source powerful enough to replenish cogency inside my mind; the only element capable of eradicating the physical and metaphysical poisons that plagued my body, mind and soul; the one component of earth with the ability to penetrate my apathetic daze of misfortune and pain… the sun.

It was first suggested to me by a hippy therapist (and one that I clashed with every step of the way through our time together). Finding an answer in the played out responses of proper diet, exercise and sufficient rest seemed absolutely cliché and, ultimately, laughable. How could the solution to my problems—the epitome of self-analysis and knowledge– be as simple as a regular bed-time and going out for a walk?

“Find the light,” was something she said casually, and often. There was no possible way she could be serious; no possible way this feel-good, homeopathic shrink could have delved so far down into my complex and utterly chaotic psyche to find something I had possibly missed. I am, after all, all powerful and all knowing when it comes to my own mind, I would think to myself, ironically while on the couch of a professional I willingly drove myself to. There was no chance she knew more about what I needed to thrive in this world than I did.

But she did, and the simplicity of her direction was a desperate need. Though it would take me quite some time to figure out, the nourishment I craved stemmed from something so beautiful and full of life.

Sunlight—the act of bathing yourself in rays that amplify the pure feeling of being alive. The way your skin and eyes soak it all in is the most influential, congruent and fluid form of anti-depression and clarity we could find on this earth.

“Getting back to nature” does not literally translate into walking through a forest. No, it references the balance of all life—ample time in darkness to sleep and refuel; sufficient time spent in serotonin heaven to feed the mind with senses and experiences; our everyday juggling of internal analysis with an external focus—sleep, wake, sleep, wake; both with purpose and meaning.

The lack of understanding for how our body’s chemistry aids the ebb and flow of life is, in my opinion, a direct cause for the initial depression we fight daily in our lives. We crave freedom in all ways, usually ignoring a deep-rooted need for routine and structure. Our creative expression and prowess dominates when we become the night owls that, sadly, wallow solely inside our minds, or computers, or text messages and Netflix—completely denying ourselves the basic need of balance.

We sleep to dream; to allow ourselves a universe in which we can exist in whatever fashion we so desire—to defy reality and physics. We become superheroes and villains, doing the impossible and letting our imaginations run wild—just as they were intended. Yet, our days are spent in front of screens; forcing us to live through non-existent worlds in someone else’s fantasies rather than partaking in what would actually aid in our mind’s clarity. We dream at night, and stay asleep during the only hours we are given to build, to learn, to grow and thrive. The severe lack of putting our dreams into reality would make anyone hate waking up in the morning.

The mere act of going for a walk during the day can restore our drive to get back to nature, to have face to face  conversations, to piece something together with our hands. It fuels us to run, to build, to learn and speak.

Allow yourself the freedom of balance. Live in the world you are given.


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