What’s the Buzz about Jane’s Brew?

What’s the new buzz in town?  Jane’s Brew is a gourmet medicated tea, coffee, creamer and sweetener company based in San Jose that launched their line of products this year.  Although the company is new to the markets, the brand Jane’s Brew won both the Best Edible and Connoisseur’s Choice award at the 2015 San Jose HempCon.

According to the Co-Founder Jill Amen, “the company’s mission is to provide affordable, high-quality, gluten-free, edible products.”  Medi-mix is another product made by Jane’s Brew that is a medically infused food starch powder called maltodextrin and it can be added to any other beverage or food.

Many patients like the sleek packaging, the convenience of the K-cups for the Keurig machine, tea bags and small medi-mix jars because they are designed to make the product discreet.  Each product comes in dosages in 20, 40, 80 & 120 mg dosages.

Clara England is a medical marijuana patient who primarily uses it to help with insomnia.  She said, “I start with a 40 mg of chamomile at night and that usually helps me get to sleep.  If that doesn’t work, I will take another one.  It is much more effective than any other pharmaceutical drug I’ve tried and there are virtually no negative side effects.”

Many patients don’t like to smoke, so this product offers an alternative.  Jane’s Brew has an amazing line of Non-GMO and organic products.  They expanded their iced coffee and teas this summer.  Orders can be processed online and more information can be found at  They even give free delivery for orders over $100.  Jane’s Brew is coming to a collective near you, so all medical marijuana patients should try it to know what the buzz is about!!


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