What’s on the Agenda?

Quality fabrics, clean cuts, and revolutionary accessories are only a few of the many attributes that Agenda Show presented this year in Long Beach.

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Agenda Show kicked off their exhibition for Fall Winter 2016 at the Long Beach Convention Center January 7-8th coming into 12 years of exhibition. Our team had the pleasure of attending the show and we fell nothing short of pleased. From the immersion of our team into an entire convention center filled with fashion enthusiasts and innovative minds to the upbeat music and great eatery provided by a number of food trucks (Kogi BBQ has my heart) , there was never a dull moment. Our goal at Agenda was to get bigger and better high quality brands and items for our store that we can pass on to you for our online store and Flagship store in LA.

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Zanerobe, EPTM, Staple, Civil Regime, and many other brands exhibited their upcoming collections for the year and it’s exciting to follow these brands as streetwear evolves. New trends are popping up and Agenda provides an outlet for the brands to act as catalysts, revolutionizing the world of self-presentation.

Though the attendees all have their own unique identity, the show brings all fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts together into one big melting pot of ideas. As quality outerwear from New Zealand and Coppenhagen bring its weather-efficiency to the table, brands established in the depths of Downtown Los Angeles meet an equilibrium with brands from other countries by providing contemporary cuts and fine fabrics to pair up quite nicely.



At the end of the day, the fashion industry is more of an outlet for creativity than an environment comprised of competitive corporate giants. Some brands may be established better than others over the years, but the valuable insights of every enthusiast that attended is worth much more than money can buy. As brands introduce half-pipes and basketball courts into their booths to help showcase their products, the aspect of creativity drives the industry further than any garment ever can. For those who may be skeptical about venturing into the fashion industry, do not be discouraged by the brands that already have shelf-lives. After all, fashion is about presentation and appreciation of such. Express yourself the way you want to, for you may just be another catalyst waiting to be discovered.

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Photos by: Jarell Cachila 

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