Zanerobe Grinds it Out with Newly Released Fitness Line


Titled “REC”, Zanerobe’s fitness line has just been released exclusively at General Pants Co. in Australia and online!

Zanerobe recently released their fitness line by the name of “REC” earlier this week, completely catching streetwear enthusiasts around the world off-guard. Just as Mamba finishes his final season with the NBA, Zanerobe conquers uncharted territory with a historic collection endorsed by former NBA guard Nate Robinson.


Featuring innovative pockets and zippers for maximum efficiency and utility towards the wearer, each multi-faceted piece in the collection caters to the needs of the hardworking trainee. Each piece embodies undying endurance, targeting the blood, sweat, and tears shed to ensure that no athlete trains or competes alone. With premium quality and a high emphasis on performance, Zanerobe has set a precise focal point on aiding each competitor, as competition is a part of our instinct. Aesthetic and utility have never before been so beautifully calculated.


As the sun sets and the moon wakes, the energy within us all remains everlasting. Drive has no off-button and during no time of day will it deteriorate. Zanerobe’s pieces fully reflect this mentality as the first collection of REC rolls in. Check out the collection HERE.


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