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Murals For The Wall

What is a Wall Mural

A wall mural product consisting of a durable non-woven backing, on which a flexible elastic fabric is applied on top using the secret technology of our craftsmen. All the frescoes are almost one hundred percent handmade, which guarantees a soulful atmosphere there. Therefore, buying a wall mural is the right choice if you want to have an exclusive interior. At the same time, you can order an individual image or buy ready-made frescoes at the same cost. This cost will rise or fall only when the size of the product is changed.

Why Us

Any client of the Prime Murals® online store who buys a copy of a wall or ceiling fresco from us will appreciate our advantages. Among them: the environmental friendliness of all materials used, an individual approach to each customer, the services of specialists in the design and installation of frescoes with many years of experience in the company, more than ten items in the catalog. Large selection of textures and sizes of frescoes.